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Blog marketing

There´s no strategy like blog marketing for displaying your industry knowledge and educating your customers while growing your organic website traffic.

Why blog marketing is important for insect companies

Because the insect industry is breaking new ground, insect companies need to allocate substantial effort to explain their value proposition and concrete product benefits. 

Blog marketing is an essential part of your overall content marketing strategy, as it allows you to grow organic traffic to your website, and convert website visitors to leads.


As importantly, well-written blog articles can help display your industry knowledge and expertise, as well as concrete use cases for your products.

Insect-based pet food

Insect-based pet food

Blog marketing is key to your online growth

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Nurture your Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword-optimized and well-interlinked blog posts greatly contribute to healthy Search Engine Optimization. They help you build online authority (e.g. help you position yourself as an expert in Black Soldier Fly breeding) and rank higher in search engines.

Improve your brand awareness

By developing valuable blog content for your audience, you demonstrate your industry knowledge, which solidifies your brand and helps build trust with customers. Who doesn't want to buy from a deeply knowledgeable company?​

Grow your organic traffic

Tell organic farmers how using insect frass benefits their soil and feeds their plants with essential nutrients!

What we do

Intersect helps insect protein companies grow their website traffic and brand awareness through professionally written blog articles. We help you boost your website rankingdisplay your insect industry knowledge, generate leads, and convert customers.

Below are the 3 most important pillars of our blog writing approach.

For concrete examples of what you can expect, visit our blog!


Fact-based articles

We write our blog articles using facts, numbers, findings, and managerial implications from research papers published in renowned journals, such as the International Journal of Industrial Entomology, the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, and the International Journal of Food Science & Technology, among others.

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Homemade images

For each article, we create homemade images and infographics, in line with your company branding/graphic design guidelines.

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We develop articles that are keyword-optimized and boost your search engine optimization: after all, the objective is to increase traffic to your website!

Our working process in 5 steps


Intro meeting: setting objectives


Drafting blog article(s) and creating tailored images


First draft(s) handed in for feedback


Final adjustments made


Delivery of article(s) and tailored images

Let's work together!

We´d love to learn more about your company and how we can be of help.


Schedule a free introductory call with us today!

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