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#IntersectTalks: Meet Gricket House

IntersectTalks cover Gricket House

We’d love to hear about your company, what do you do exactly?

At Gricket House, our aim is to enhance individuals' health by offering cleaner, higher-quality protein options while prioritizing the planet's well-being.

We develop convenient, easily digestible high-protein foods made with cricket protein, perfect for on-the-go consumption

How would you describe the problem your company solves in words that a 10-year-old could understand?

We make food using cricket powder.

You know those little bugs that chirp at night?

Well, crickets. We believe that raising crickets for food is more eco-friendly compared to raising larger animals like cows, which contribute significantly to pollution.

However, occasionally, they may not select the best ingredients for their products, which could have adverse effects on consumers.

So, the core issue here is twofold: we must prioritize both the well-being of our planet and our own health. It's essential to seek out methods for creating products that minimize harm to the environment while promoting our physical well-being.

Got it?

Gricket House bars

How did the company journey start?

Gricket started in 2019, after a course at the University of Costa Rica, where we learned about the nutritional benefits of insects and their sustainable contribution.

For a year, we learned how to grow crickets, and in 2020, we created the Gricket Bars.

Despite living in a country where insect consumption is not part of our culture, we still took the risk to try, to change the paradigm that there is a different way to feed ourselves, cleaner, better quality

We created our first MVP, a peanut butter-flavored protein bar, with healthy ingredients enhanced with cricket protein.

Today, we are in the most important supermarkets in our country, so the story is on the right track.

Who do you hope will use your products and services in the future?

Athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why did you choose to start Gricket House instead of an insect-based feed brand for example?

This never really crossed my mind! The opportunity to use crickets as food came, and we took it!

Gricket House protein bar

In one sentence, how would you encourage people to use your product(s)?

With our products made from cricket powder, we take care of the planet and your health at the same time! JOIN THE GRICKET REVOLUTION!

cricket protein bars

Could you share an anecdote with us? (An epic success, an epic fail, a funny day?)

A story I remember vividly is when we received the first purchase order when we were about to enter the supermarkets in Costa Rica.

It was a huge purchase order, and that day we produced until 2 am, more than 24 hours producing non-stop.

My parents, my friends, friends' boyfriends, and girlfriends: everyone was helping to pack energy bars!


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