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Marketing edible insects
Marketing the future

We help you make insect food and feed products a
no-brainer for consumers. 

Commercializing edible insect products for the human diet or animal feed?

Prepared Meals

We build marketing strategies
increasing customer acceptance

Convincing your target market to consume insect-based products is not an easy task.


Whether you're selling mealworm protein bars or black soldier fly aquafeed, your customers are going to take a lot of convincing.

We create impactful and engaging websites, promotional videos, social media campaigns, and blog content for insect companies needing to grow their brand.

Educate customers.
Break cultural barriers.

Intersect is the first marketing agency 100% dedicated to helping insect companies make their products go mainstream.

From strategy formulation to content creation, all the way to execution, we guide you on how to best promote your insect-based products, whether you're commericalising insect-based food, feed, and pet food, frass or insect farming systems. 

What's the plan?


Book a call with us and tell us about you, let's meet!


We co-assess your marketing needs and growth targets.


We propose a strategy and implementation plan.


We execute the agreed-upon plan in tight collaboration.


We update you with results + necessary adjustments.

Ready to grow?

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