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Social Media Marketing

We help insect protein companies build solid long-term social media marketing strategies.


Build communities, grow your existing follower base, display your insect industry knowledge, and generate leads.

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Grow your audience.
Generate leads. 

As insect-based products are relatively new to the world, insect companies are often required to educate consumers on the benefits and applications of insect protein.

Social media marketing is a crucial pillar of content marketing as it allows insect companies to grow and engage their audiences, whilst demonstrating industry knowledge and solidifying brand awareness.

Build a community

Social media marketing is an essential tool to build and grow follower bases. When effectively managed, these follower bases turn into a community that stays tuned with your new projects and product releases. A great way to attract new leads and keep your existing clients engaged!

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Our social media marketing approach
Show the World your brand

Fact-based posts

We create social media posts using facts and numbers from your company, the IPIFF, and research papers published in renowned journals, such as the International Journal of Industrial Entomology, and the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, among others.

Homemade images and videos

.For each social media post, we create homemade images and infographics, in line with your company branding/graphic design guidelines. This branded visual content makes posts more engaging, encouraging visitors to follow your channels.

Tailored agenda

We create a social media marketing agenda in line with your objectives and monitor progress for as long as you need us on board! By keeping track of posts' performance, we can measure which ones perform best, enabling us to adapt social media strategies accordingly.


Book a call with us and tell us about you, let's meet!


We co-assess your social media marketing needs and growth targets.


We propose a social media marketing strategy and implementation plan.


We execute the agreed-upon plan in tight collaboration.


We update you with results + necessary adjustments.

What's the plan?

Ready to grow?

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