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Blog Marketing

We guide insect protein companies to grow their website traffic and brand awareness through professionally written blog articles.


We help you boost your website rankingdisplay your insect industry knowledgegenerate leads, and convert them into customers.

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Showcase your knowledge.
Build legitimacy.

Because the insect industry is breaking new ground, insect companies need to allocate substantial effort to display industry knowledge and expertise, as well as concrete use cases for their products.

Blog marketing is an essential part of your overall content marketing strategy.


High-quality content helps demonstrate your expertise whilst growing organic traffic to your website, and converting website visitors to leads.

Improve Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword-optimized and well-interlinked blog posts greatly contribute to healthy Search Engine Optimization. They help you build online authority (e.g. help you position yourself as an expert in Black Soldier Fly breeding) and rank higher in search engines.

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Pillars of our blog writing approach
Reinforcing legitimacy and growing website traffic

Fact-based articles

We write blog articles for your website using facts, numbers, findings, and managerial implications from research papers published in renowned journals, such as the International Journal of Industrial Entomology, the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, and the International Journal of Food Science & Technology, among others.

Homemade images

.For each article, we create homemade images and infographics, in line with your company branding/graphic design guidelines. This branded visual content makes blog articles more engaging, making visitors stay on your website longer.

Search Engine-Optimized

We develop articles that are keyword-optimized and boost your search engine optimization: after all, the objective is to increase traffic to your website! This means we conduct thorough keyword research based on the insect products and services you are aiming to rank high for.

Looking for examples?


Book a call with us and tell us about you, let's meet!


We co-assess your blog marketing needs and growth targets.


We propose a blog marketing strategy and implementation plan.


We execute the agreed-upon plan in tight collaboration.


We update you with results + necessary adjustments.

What's the plan?

Ready to grow?

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