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A marketing initative 100% dedicated to the insect industry

The challenge

Most insect companies share a common mission: reinventing global food and feed chains, making them more efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

An important hurdle they must face, whether commercializing insect-burgers or insect-based poultry feed: consumer acceptance.

Intersect's mission

Intersect was created with this purpose, exactly: helping insect companies build trust with their customers through state-of-the-art marketing content.

By leveraging these channels, we guide you in your quest to educate consumers, familiarize them with your products, and increase their acceptance of these products. And sales.

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Our values
What we believe in


All our deliverables are carefully created using reliable sources, especially studies conducted by IPIFF, and papers published in the International Journal of Industrial Entomology, the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, and the International Journal of Food Science & Technology, among others.


The quality of our work is driven by our passion for the insect industry and our deep personal beliefs in the solutions it can bring to the agribusiness world.


We didn't choose to support insect companies purely by passion. We also believe it's a necessity. We want our marketing skills to benefit companies who are working hard to make food and feed production cycles more sustainable.

UN Sustainable Development Goals we identify with

A major driver of our passion for the insect industry is the role it has to play from a sustainable development perspective.


Through efficient resource utilization, reduced land requirements, lower water footprint, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, mitigation of deforestation, and biodiversity preservation, insects represent a sustainable protein alternative with significant environmental benefits.

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Alexandre Chatelier

With over 6 years of experience in marketing and communication, I stumbled upon the world of insects 2 years ago, as I was writing my Master's thesis: "Tackling The Insect Disgust Factor: Strategies Adopted by Socially Innovative Organisations to Overcome Deep Cultural Barriers".


Reviewing dozens of research papers and studies on insects as food and feed helped me grow both solid knowledge and passion for the insect industry.

I made it my mission to help insect protein companies overcome consumer acceptance challenges in the insect food and feed markets.

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