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Video Marketing

We guide insect protein companies to develop impactful promotional clips and videos as a part of their online marketing strategies.


We support you in your quest to build a relationship with your target audience, generate leads, and turn viewers into leads.

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Build trust.

Given the novel aspect of the industry, insect companies' very first mission is to educate target markets and consumers.

This means explaining the benefits of your products, how they compare to current alternatives, and their concrete use cases.

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) producer?

Educate your audience on BSF's high nutrient content, fast growth cycle, reduced environmental impact, and uses as animal feed. Turn viewers into leads.

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Stimulate interest and curiosity.
Create leads.

Product videos

Let potential customers experience your insect products up close with our product videos. Create leads by sharing the benefits of your insect food, feed, and fertilizer products.

Brand presentations

A brand movie is the beating heart of your brand story. Let us capture your unique identity in an emotionally charged, compelling brand movie that touches and inspires your audience.

Educational clips

Express complex ideas visually with our educational clips. A great way to explain how mealworms are farmed and transformed into protein for example!

Social media video content

Impress your followers and expand your reach with engaging social media videos. Improve your online presence and engagement.


Book a call with us and tell us about you, let's meet!


We co-assess your marketing needs and growth targets.


We propose a strategy and implementation plan.


We execute the agreed-upon plan in tight collaboration.


We update you with results + necessary adjustments.

What's the plan?

Ready to grow?

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